Foto von Vera, einer Frau aus der Ukraine auf Partnersuche Vera kennenlernen

Eine Frau auf Partnersuche durch unsere Partnervermittlung: Vera (37), Doctor aus Ivano-Frankivsk

Vorname: Vera
ID: 19746
Alter: 37
Größe: 170
Gewicht: 57
Augenfarbe: braun
Familienstand: ledig
Raucherin: nein
Beruf: Doctor
Schulbildung: Studiumsabschluss
Sprachkenntnisse deutsch: gut
englisch: sehr gut
Sternzeichen: Steinbock

Das sollte der zukünftige Partner über Vera wissen:

I am a creative,kind, wise young lady. I am focused on creating a strong-united and friendly family. I speak fluently English and work hard with English grammar. I am very purposeful, by myself study foreign languages and at the age of 32 I was learned by myself ( without an instructor ) - to swim. At age 34 I mastered a new sport - roller - skating. I like to learn very new things and there are only two things there which my attitude is negative : smoking and alcohol.

I am looking for serious relationship and do not care about his race, religion, financial questions, education and the things like color of his eyes and color of his hair and his weight and heigh. I do not care. But what I really do care : I declare that the difference in age with my future husband should not exceed seven, a maximum of ten years. Because I do not set myself the goal of quick and easy immigration.

As for me, marriage and the creation of a family is a complex process and only once and for all life and therefore I would like to meet a man who understands me. I will always put him at the first place and he will be at the center of the Universe for me.

My parents said to me that I have born at December 31, 1981. And I have recorded in the book of civil states and have born by error on the Sowiet Union time,- on May -06-,1981. My Grandfather was a German and his parents has brought him from Kazakhstan and therefore, I have German blood in me.

I have medical degree- education. But I do work in the editorial office of a medical newspaper. In the summer I am very busy as I am also engaged in fishing, collect mushroom and picking berries and herbs. I do know very much about rare poisons and I am working on my thesis. Besides, I am very busy lady and therefore if you are really interested in knowing me better, I ask you to be patient and wait for my answer.

I am comprehensively developed and certainly I love theater, music, cinema, concerts, sports, I take part in charitable actions and earn money as a volunteer in the Maltese help service. Please if you would like to know me better ,-please could you be so kind and feel free asking me about anything.

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Veras Hobbys:

  • Schwimmen
  • Badminton
  • Schach
  • Inliner
  • Fahrrad
  • Schlittschuhe
  • Reisen
  • Tauchen
  • Theater
  • Konzert
  • Ausstellungen
  • Museum
  • Lesen
  • Meditation

Vera charakterisiert:

  • Aktivität
  • Altruismus
  • Selbstlosigkeit
  • Adel
  • Höflichkeit
  • Großzügigkeit
  • Glauben
  • Loyalität
  • Aufmerksamkeit
  • Stärke
  • Ausdauer
  • Menschlichkeit
  • Vision
  • Wohlwollen
  • Gewissenhaftigkeit
  • Freundlichkeit
  • Natürlichkeit
  • Lebensfreude
  • Fürsorge
  • Aufrichtigkeit
  • Geselligkeit
  • Höflichkeit
  • Neugier
  • Weisheit
  • Beobachtung
  • Zuverlässigkeit
  • Beharrlichkeit
  • Zärtlichkeit
  • Hilfsbereitschaft
  • Offenheit
  • Konstanz
  • Ehrlichkeit
  • Pünktlichkeit
  • Leistungsfähigkeit
  • Romantik
  • Unabhängigkeit
  • Zurückhaltung
  • Herzlichkeit
  • Mitgefühl
  • Ruhe
  • Takt
  • Zufriedenheit
  • Fähigkeit zu lieben
  • Fähigkeit zu verstehen
  • Vergebung
  • Mäßigung
  • Beharrlichkeit
  • Haltung
  • Beachtung
  • Zielstrebigkeit
  • Ehrlichkeit
  • Pflichtgefühl
  • Humor