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Eine Frau auf Partnersuche durch unsere Partnervermittlung: Natalia (33), Software Quality Assurance Eng aus Tolyatti

Vorname: Natalia
ID: 23685
Alter: 33
Größe: 172
Gewicht: 57
Augenfarbe: grün
Familienstand: ledig
Raucherin: nein
Beruf: Software Quality Assurance Eng
Schulbildung: Studiumsabschluss
Sprachkenntnisse deutsch: keine
englisch: sehr gut
Sternzeichen: Widder

Das sollte der zukünftige Partner über Natalia wissen:

Hello and welcome to my page.
I would like to tell you about me and my personality here. First of all, I will say that one of my greatest properties is my positive and grateful attitude towards life. I believe that I’m a down to earth person who admires nature, loves plants and forest walks.
I'm a calm and listening type of person. It's a pleasure to me to be sincere interested in people around me, understand them and give a support if it is needed.
I don’t like big cities so I prefer more calm and peaceful places where I can walk, meditate or just enjoy the silence or the view. I dream of doing this with a loved one who holds my hand.

My hobbies are morning jogging, swimming in the pool and sauna, hiking (I love the mountains), meditation and just enjoying life :) Mountain views, forest walks or new places inspire me, the nature gives me energy and helps to recharge my internal batteries after a working week if I need that. Wish I can visit such amazing places as Norwegian fjords, Alaska's glaciers, Switzerland's villages or even go to Iceland one more time soon. Or why not explore Asia one layer deeper as well.
In general, I would say that I can’t imagine my life without forest walks or travels, hugs and a good cup of black coffee.
I also enjoy reading and taking educational courses that help me to learn something new and explore such a wonderful and deep world around. Curiosity has always been a trait of mine and I believe it is important to constantly continue to learn and develop as much as time allows you.

I really believe that my biggest dream now is to create a family based on strong bond, love and trust. I want this from the bottom of my heart and I can't imagine my future life without that. I want to find a person with whom I can build a long lasting relationship, with someone who is ready to be sincerely interested in another person and wants to make the life of the loved one happier. Relationships are meant to do us happy and not vice versa.
Who is ready to give a support when it is needed, with whom I could feel comfort and safety and who would love to start a family.
I would like to find a kindhearted man who respects women and treats them well. Who is ready to work on relationship if it is needed and ready to develop them as well. For this aim, it is necessary to be able to communicate, strive to understand each other and discuss all the issues that can arise and cause any inconvenience.
I love calm, smart and responsible men who keep their promises and who prefers to lead a conscious life. It’s perfect if we have a similar lifestyle and can find a common cause to do something together.

It's nice to meet somebody from IT sphere since I'm working in IT as well, but not necessarily. I think that I'm fine with age difference, but no more than 5-10 years. I would be glad to receive a letter from anyone who felt that we have something in common and felt any connection through my text.

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Natalias Video:

Natalias Hobbys:

  • Schwimmen
  • Laufen
  • Bergtourismus
  • Reisen
  • Spazieren gehen durch die Natur
  • Konzert
  • Ausstellungen
  • Museum
  • Blumen pflanzen
  • Lesen
  • Massage
  • Designermode
  • Foto
  • Meditation

Natalia charakterisiert:

  • Höflichkeit
  • Loyalität
  • Aufmerksamkeit
  • Freundlichkeit
  • Natürlichkeit
  • Weiblichkeit
  • Lebensfreude
  • Aufrichtigkeit
  • Neugier
  • Beobachtung
  • Zärtlichkeit
  • Witz / Humor
  • Fähigkeit, dankbar zu sein
  • Fähigkeit zu lieben
  • Fähigkeit zu verstehen
  • Beharrlichkeit
  • Feinfühligkeit
  • Ehrlichkeit
  • Sauberkeit
  • Energie