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Eine Frau auf Partnersuche durch unsere Partnervermittlung: Mariia (34), An expert on Scythian culture aus Prymorsk

Vorname: Mariia
ID: 25166
Alter: 34
Größe: 167
Gewicht: 59
Augenfarbe: blau
Familienstand: ledig
Raucherin: nein
Beruf: An expert on Scythian culture
Schulbildung: Studiumsabschluss
Sprachkenntnisse deutsch: keine
englisch: sehr gut
Sternzeichen: Widder

Das sollte der zukünftige Partner über Mariia wissen:

• I'm a very honest fun loving woman. I'm a little shy at first but once I get to know you I come out of my shell but still I'm not a big talker but I'm a great listener.Really like to be out doing things and being involved with anything that is active.I love life, I believe in beauty and harmony of the world and I try to find it even in the simplest things around me. I love art and music, theater and traveling, green grass and fresh air…
• For me being a Christian means talking to God everyday and trying to stay on the narrow path as best I can. My understanding of and journey with the Lord began with a leap of fate. Through years of study and practical application of scriptural principles, I've long been convinced of every word of God as it appears in the holy Bible. To put it quite simply, it works. The Lord is faithful, trustworthy, and true. I am certain of that 100%.
• I am looking for a long term, committed, monogamous relationship. I am not here for the sake of "meeting new people" or "getting out and about".
I want to find a man who is mature and can talk about his thoughts and feelings with me. Being mature gives a person the ability to be aware of and manage their own emotions instead of relying on others to do it for them.
A mature man will talk to me when he is upset and be willing to work through the issues with me. I would like my partner and I to feel comfortable enough, both he and I, to talk about anything. I realize that in any relationship there will be problems, but it is important that my partner and I can discuss them calmly and clearly.
Another great quality of a partner is to fight fair. This means no yelling, insults or swearing, even when he is angry.I want our relationship to be built on trust. Without it, we won't be able to trust each other.
I am interested in finding ONE man worth me getting off this site.

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Mariias Hobbys:

  • Tanzen
  • Reisen
  • Archäologie
  • Theater
  • Museum
  • Blumen pflanzen

Mariia charakterisiert:

  • Genauigkeit
  • Aufmerksamkeit
  • Gastfreundschaft
  • Freundlichkeit
  • Intelligenz
  • Sorgfältigkeit
  • Zuverlässigkeit
  • Zärtlichkeit
  • Ordentlichkeit
  • Ehrlichkeit
  • Ruhe
  • Takt
  • Vergebung
  • Beachtung
  • Sauberkeit
  • Energie